Day: July 14, 2009

The opportunity of C056

C056 gives us the ability to act on what we know the Holy Spirit is doing in the Church in the lives of gay and lesbian people. Next, it creates a structure to gather our observations of what happens when the Spirit has moved gay and lesbian couples to intentionally avail themselves of church blessings and the effects of these liturgical experiences on people’s lives in our Christian communities.

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Eyes on the floor: An epochal boundary

We have reached a epochal boundary at the General Convention of The Episcopal Church where, at last, who we are is being articulated and revealed to not only ourselves, but to the greater world. D025’s passage in the House of Deputies on Sunday afternoon was a turning point. C061 on Monday continued the fuller recognition of our identity expressed in our diversity of many individuals coming together as the Body of Christ through one baptism.

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How to interpret D025

Dr Williams’s appeal for restraint is ultimately untenable. It cannot override a simple and direct acknowledgment that homosexual clergy, including bishops, belong in the Church. Dr Williams should state that principle, even aware of its divisiveness. Editorial in The Times, July 14

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Getting out of God’s way

We worry about the next generation of Episcopalians. At our lowest we worry about whether there will be a next generation of Episcopalians. I sometimes wonder whether that would change if we made participation in the Church somehow forbidden. What if, for example, we barred everyone under sixteen from worship?

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Pondering the word

It is not necessary that we should discover new ideas in our meditation. It is sufficient if the word as we read and understand it penetrates and dwells within us. As Mary pondered in her heart the tidings that were told by the shepherds, as what we have casually heard follows us for a long time,

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