Day: July 15, 2009

Live blogging the Bishops C056 debate: it passes

Resolved, That the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, in consultation with the House of Bishops, collect and develop theological resources and design liturgies, and report to the 77th General Convention for further action; and be it further

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Our very own Nick Knisely is writing some great stuff

What surprised me as she was speaking was the GIANT lump that was rising in my chest. I was almost overwhelmed by an emotion of gratitude that someone finally had recognized the truth about the Episcopal Church. We have been accused of doing so many things, most of which we simply haven’t done.

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Hallway conversation on C056

Some new language was proposed for certain sticky points in the resolution–although I am not sure what those points were or what that language is. At any rate, several bishops whose opinions on this issue are not very different than mine, seem to think that the changes are not devastating, and that the chances of passing the resolution are pretty good.

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A full buffet from Episcopal News Service

The House of Deputies July 14 addressed issues of church property litigation, a study of church

communications, an agreement with the Presbyterian Church (USA) and new propers for Lesser Feasts and Fasts. Results from a vote by orders concerning the proposed elimination of voting privileges for retired bishops will be announced July 15.

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Kendall Harmon on D025

The passage of Resolution D025 by the General Convention of 2009 is a repudiation of Holy Scripture as the church has received and understood it ecumenically in the East and West. It is also a clear rejection of the mutual responsibility and interdependence to which we are called as Anglicans. That it is also a snub to the Archbishop of Canterbury this week while General Synod is occurring in York only adds insult to injury.

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Vitality and the small church

For these congregations, controversies within denominations may affect their histories some, and there are sometimes histories of conflicts and regroupings, but there’s a ground base of continuity that really has nothing to do with the Great Issues of judicatories and church conventions . There’s simplicity of focus: people are involved in their churches as a foundational part of their family and community life.

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Essence of prayer

The essence of prayer is to hear the voice of another, of Christ, but likewise to hear the voice of each person I meet in whom Christ also addresses me. His voice comes to me in every human voice, and his face is infinitely varied. It is present in the face of the wayfarer on the road to Emmaus;

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