Day: July 30, 2009

A different sort of youth retreat

Duke Divinity School is trying something a little different than the typical youth summer camp experience in which so many church kids participate. The folks in the Duke Youth Academy for Christian Formation (DYA) are basically recreating a monastic/semarian experience.

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The Anglican Communion as airline map

On the ground the Anglican Communion in action resembles the route maps in airline magazines where hundreds of thin, graceful semicircles connect points all over the globe, London with Shanghai, Jakarta with Singapore, and a thousand other in between points as well. Such an image suggests a horizontal model of widely diffuse power sharing, not a vertical one of concentrated power.

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A system of the grossest injustice

To all the inhabitants of the British Empire, who value the favour of God, or are alive to the interests or honour of their country—to all who have any respect for justice, or any feelings of humanity, I would solemnly address myself.

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