Day: August 5, 2009

Episcopal Church supported from the pulpit of Southwark Cathedral

What would Jesus do in this situation? I believe Jesus would continue to do what he has always done – to sit down at the table and share the meal – it’s as simple as that. … ‘Come dine with me’ is Christ’s message to Anglicans in Nigeria and in America and to us in Southwark. I’m prepared to sit down with any of my brothers and sisters – but maybe they won’t be prepared to eat with me, and maybe they won’t be prepared to eat with you.

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Staff cuts at 815, rethink of what gets done and how

In addition to layoffs, General Convention reduced most departmental budgets. The implications of these reductions are being analyzed. The director of the Mission Leadership Center is convening a group that is considering how to reconfigure the program area. Another group will be considering how to foster internal collaboration with an eye to more focus on team and project-based work.

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Gunn: Tell the good news, and the bad

With action taken at General Convention, however, the Episcopal Church is embracing a clear priority for branding, marketing, messaging and public relations over news dissemination, and this raises significant questions about the credibility of our story told in a world in which people are letting authenticity guide their religious choices.

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Single-issue magis­terium has been created

In Anglicanism, however, the joys of common prayer and community spirit are replaced by ideology. This Anglican Church is a new invention, a global piece of post-colonial hubris, driven by those who feel that a Church that is genuinely Catholic must have outposts throughout the world.

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Schofield group will appeal

The ruling did not directly address ownership of disputed properties claimed by the Episcopal Church but occupied by breakaway congregations. But the ruling likely will make it hard for the rebel diocese to hold on to the properties as the legal battle between the two sides continues.

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Building the American wall between church and state

Without fully knowing the significance of what he was doing, Cecil Calvert sought to separate control of civil government from the grasp of religion altogether. The notion was, to the minds of most Englishmen at the time, both heresy and treason. The English believed that religious conformity and the safety of the nation were indispensable to one another.

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Music can change everything

Music can change everything. It can take over a room, leaving no one uninvolved or untouched. Even when it is scripted, paired with text, it ultimately leaves words behind and with them, thought.

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