Day: August 14, 2009

Summary of General Convention

The Episcopal Church’s General Convention office has produced a 25-page summary of actions of the 76th General Convention available as a downloadable, searchable PDF.

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Tipping point?

Colin Coward of The Changing Attitude is angry and he says a tipping point has been reached. The language of the Archbishop of Canterbury in

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The Communion in summer, on the shores of Maine

The retired cathedral dean who has served for 17 summers at St. Ann’s in Kennebunkport recounted the how the elder President Bush recently skydived onto the chapel lawn to celebrate his 85th birthday. While waiting Mrs. Bush apparently quipped to the warden, “Well, if something goes wrong, at least we won’t have to take him far.”

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The challenge of freedom

The disappointments of Holy Week and the bitterness of [the segregated seating in the left rear pew for] Easter Communion at St. Paul’s forced our eyes back to the inscription over the altar. “He is not here. For he is risen.” In a dreadful parody of their meaning, the words seem to tell a grim truth that was not exhausted by their liturgical import.

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