Day: August 16, 2009

Joan Baez respectfully listens to her protestors

Joan Baez gave a concert in Idaho Falls a little while ago. As is typical for many of the performers who were active in the peace movement during the Vietnam era, her concert venue was picketed by a group of veterans who accused her of betraying them and her country by her actions.

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The bee’s knees

Your Café keepers have been remiss in keeping our readers informed of the news buzzing out of Lambeth Palace earlier this month.

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Lutherans to vote on gay clergy

When more than 1,000 members of the clergy and lay people begin a weeklong meeting in Minneapolis on Monday, they will be asked to decide whether to change their policy and allow pastors in gay relationships to serve in the [ordained] ministry.

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A ransom for all

I die (Jesus says) for all, that I may quicken all by myself. And I made my flesh a ransom for the flesh of all. For death shall die in my death, and with me shall rise again (he says) the fallen nature of humankind.

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