Day: August 17, 2009

Anglican Churches are not meant to be “clones”

Elfred Hughes, an officer of one oldest mission agencies in the Anglican Communion asserts in an interview that the challenge to the Communion at present is to “find ways of ‘being together despite – and even because of – our diversity'”.

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Kenneth Bacon has died

Kenneth Bacon, formerly spokesman for the Pentagon during the Clinton administration, Wall Street Journal reporter, advocate for refugees displaced by war and active member of

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Anaheim and the sweep of Church history

The steps that the Episcopal Church took in Anaheim a few of weeks ago to more fully include gay people in its life were really nothing new. They were, in a way, just the Episcopal Church being the Episcopal Church. Adapting to changing circumstances by remaining faithful to its origins; another step in an ongoing process that had begun at the beginning of its history.

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Discovering the prayer book

Mr. Johnson was always of a serious and devout turn of mind, but averse to every appearance of enthusiasm; and he never could be thoroughly reconciled to the practice of public extempore praying and preaching, which he looked upon as the great engines of enthusiasm.

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