Day: August 20, 2009

Supporting persecuted Pakistani Christians

NIFCON (the Network of Inter Faith Concerns for the Anglican Communion) is one of the main sponsors of a petition being drawn up asking the government of Pakistan to repeal the law against blasphemy. In recent years the threat of this law has often been often been used in unjust attacks upon the country’s vulnerable Christian minority.

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CANA and the coming campaign against Islam

“People are thinking that Islam is an issue in Africa and Asia, but you in the West are sitting on explosives.” What people in the West don’t understand, he said, “is that what Islam failed to accomplish by the sword in the eighth century, it’s trying to do by immigration so that Muslims become citizens and demand their rights.”

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140,000 participate in faith leaders’ health care reform call with Obama

An estimated 140,000 people of faith gathered on a national conference call with President Barack Obama yesterday. Sponsored by more than thirty religious denominations and organizations, the call helped launch a massive “40 Days for Health Reform” campaign to mobilize people of faith to press Congress to finish work on health care reform when they return after Labor Day Recess.

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Must science declare a holy war against religion?

More moderate scientists, however — let us call them the accommodationists — still dominate the hallowed institutions of American science. Personally, these scientists may be atheists, agnostics or believers; whatever their views on the relationship between science and religion, politically, spiritually and practically they see no need to fight over it.

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Deliver me from evil

Imagine and pretend for a moment that you are not and will not be scandalized by others. That their atrocious behavior will not bother you in the least. And, perhaps harder, that you will also not be impressed by their apparently flawless behavior either. Hold on to this image. See how easy it is to know in your heart of hearts that they are all going into the Kingdom?

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When the Word departs it is a though you were to remove the fire from beneath a boiling pot. Immediately the water becomes lifeless and lukewarm and begins to cool. For me this is the sign of his departure and my soul necessarily feels sad until he comes back. The usual sign of his return is that my heart within me begins to warm.

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