Day: August 23, 2009

Detroit priest: Let health care system’s victims speak

Let the foghorn leghorns go on with their patronizing lectures until the woman has a meltdown on national television, while the cameras pan the senators, seeing but not comprehending those things they have left undone and those they ought not to have done — leaving it to the venerable Book of Common Prayer to observe that “there is no health in us.”

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“Oh, by the way, I’m gay”

Early on as a student at UNCG, [Ches Kennedy] made appointments with the ministers of three local churches: Catholic, Baptist, Episcopal. “I was a musician, I was friendly, I’d be a great member of the choir … and oh, by the way, I told them, ‘I’m gay,’ ” he recalled.

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Monk reaches out to prostitutes

Brother Ron, as he likes to be called, is a monk. He’s a member of the Brotherhood of Saint Gregory, a Christian community that’s part of the Episcopal Church. Brother Ron helps to run the Chattanooga Community Kitchen, a day center that provides food, medical care and case management to the homeless.

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Heavenly bread

We all know, we who possess complete faith in Christ,

That as we approach, eager for the mystic bread

And in addition take the cup of salvation,

If we are of pure heart and without dissimulation

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