Day: August 25, 2009

The shape of things to come

Just how big is the gay marriage age gap? Between the under-30 crowd and the over-65 crowd: 35 percentage points. Or, try this on for size, at the state level: If people over 65 in each state made the laws, 0 states would have gay marriage; if people under 30 made the laws, 38 states would have gay marriage.

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Revealing our true story

To his hearers’ surprise, Jesus told a parable that said their simple practice of hospitality was no small thing. It revealed the sharp contrast between their humanity and the ruthless inhumanity of the ruling class.

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Southerners and The Episcopal Church

Most of the people who preferred to scapegoat the south as racist seemed to me to have no black friends themselves. In their minds, it was as if the South existed only as a place where they could deposit their racist projections and backward stereotypes. I know we deserve some of the perceptions, but the same accusations are certainly true in most other parts of the country, too.

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Extravagant generosity

The King was so liberal an almsgiver, that wherever he went throughout his kingdom, he made gifts to poor churches, to lazar-houses, to alms houses, to asylums, and to poor gentlemen and gentlewomen. From his childhood up, he was compassionate towards the poor and the suffering;

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