Day: August 29, 2009

The Practicing Church

The Practicing Church is a new movement designed to encourage and accelerate the redefinition of Christianity being called for by Christians and Non Christians. A hunger for spiritual authenticity and demand for practicality is replacing beliefism – a spirituality that puts me first – with otherlyness.

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Saturday collection 8/29/09

Here is our weekly collection plate of a few of the good things that Episcopalians and their congregations have done that made the news this past week. And other news fit to print.

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As summer winds down

Have you ever been humbled by nature? By God’s creation – to be more precise? We live in a vast world, amidst a vaster cosmos, and if one becomes even for a moment thoughtful, one quickly realizes how small one is in comparison. It is tempting when one contemplates his smallness to become depressed, perhaps, or even insignificant. And yet…

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A vocation discerned and confirmed

And now I am speaking my experience I will in this place thrust in a word or two concerning my preaching the Word, and of God’s dealing with me in that particular also. After I had been about five or six years awakened,

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