Day: August 30, 2009

Get me to the church on time

Historians believe the Augustinian canons lived according to a strict routine, which made it essential everyone in the community did the right thing at the right time.

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Religion has its benefits

Religious people view themselves as more fit, reporting better health, more energy, and less pain. They’re also less likely to smoke and more likely to be married, have supportive friends, and be treated with respect.

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Integrated approach to ending poverty in Ghana

Anglican Diocesan Development and Relief Organization’s (ADDRO) comprehensive programs address improving the food supply, gender and reproductive health, malaria, disability rehabilitation and water and sanitation throughout northern Ghana.

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Resisting evil words

Our very life and our very body we have exposed in this world as a target for all manner of injury and we endure this injury with patience; shall we, then, be vexed by the deprivation of lesser things? Far be such shame from the servant of Christ, that his patience, trained by greater trials, should fail in trifling ones!

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