Day: September 3, 2009

Pray for the dead, and fight like hell for the living

The same secularism that forgot that Martin Luther King, Jr., was a preacher, forgets that Mother Jones was driven from Chicago to the mines in part by the encouragement of her brother, a priest. Although it is slightly anachronistic to put it this way, she stands at the head of the great Catholic Workers’ movement in this country. Nonethless Dorothy Day considered herself Mother Jones’ disciple.

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Fun with demographics

The Friends of Jake are featuring a couple of interesting charts about levels of education among members of various religious groups, and how education influences the acceptance of gays and lesbians.

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Connecting digitally during the Eucharist

While some preachers may frown upon the use of cell phones and laptops in church on Sundays, one Katy, TX area pastor is encouraging people to keep their wireless devises on so they connect through the Internet and social networking sites during a new service.

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Fostering anti-Islamic attitudes

Although Nazir-Ali is definitely anti-gay, and signed up completely to the Gafcon agenda, going so far as to boycott the Lambeth Conference last year, this was never his main cause, as it was, I think, for some of the other Gafcon participants, especially the African clergy. What he sees as the global challenge to Christianity is Islam, even more than liberalism.

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Pittsburgh nominates a bishop

Today the Standing Committee, the diocese’s current leaders, announced that it has chosen the Rt. Rev. Kenneth L. Price, Jr. and is recommending to the diocesan convention that the Southern Ohio bishop serve here as provisional bishop.

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Liturgical roots, baptismal theology: where “full inclusion” comes from

Each time we changed the liturgy or the rules to include another group of people in a previously prohibited arena, we lost some members who could not reconcile that change with their theology. The latest focus on the inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people grows out of this long history of the church seeking to apply the baptismal theology that says that in baptism we are all transformed by Christ, becoming equal children of God.

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Question for the day:

If Rowan Williams decides that the Anglican Communion should become a two-track enterprise and the Episcopal Church’s trains are running on track two, what difference does it make? To whom? Why?

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A noble soul

Everybody is an Abolitionist now. There is not, probably, in any part of Europe or the United States a single human being who would now defend slavery as an institution. But it is only twenty-six years since it was abolished in the United States of America. The time is well within the memory of many persons now living when to be an Abolitionist,

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