Day: October 12, 2009

Environmental Network expresses hope on climate change

We look to the Copenhagen conference with hope but also with realism . . . there must be a desire on the part of every nation to do what they know they must, not because they are legally bound, but because they share a vision for a more just and sustainable future.

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Taking financial revenge?

The vestry of the Anglican parish had sought Rothgerber, Johnson & Lyons as counsel in the property case, Nussbaum said. Armstrong was told then that the Anglican parish would not prevail in the property case, Nussbaum said, because similar cases brought before the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that a parish loses its property when it leaves a denomination.

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Reframing Columbus Day

Whatever name is chosen, it would be a fitting day to celebrate the people who first inhabited the land and remain today as living, vibrant cultures. Whatever we call it, this renamed holiday would be an excellent time for us all to learn not only about the rich heritage of America’s indigenous peoples, but also about the lives and accomplishments of contemporary Native Americans.

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I am not a nobody

The Revision Committee already has voted to change the rules so that certain powers can be removed from women bishops simply to appease those who don’t want them. If women bishops face opposition from traditionalists in the dioceses in which they serve, some of their powers – as yet undetermined – would be taken away from them and given to male bishops.

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Justice and survival

The doctrine of the Trinity is a koan which represents the faith that God creates all things, reconciles all things, and redeems all things, the faith that the being and end of all things is encountered in the bringing of order out of chaos, in the reconciliation of persons and communities, and in the hope that God’s glory will finally irradiate all things. Because that is the case, it follows that everything that we do as Christians, including our politics and our fashioning of the world, should be shaped by that hope.

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