Day: October 16, 2009

Silencing the religious left

The conventional wisdom of political consultants was that the way to reach Christian progressives was to mimic the language and tactics used by the Religious

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Doing things differently

Today and tomorrow, the Diocese of Pittsburgh gathers in convention for the first time since the majority of those present at the last session voted

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Episcopal Forum South Carolina

Episcopal Forum South Carolina prepares for the special Diocesan convention on October 24, working to keep the Diocese from separating from the Episcopal Church.

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The contribution of the lone translator

Many of us read the New Revised Standard Version, and the King James of course, but alongside these, we value translations by individual authors. On my own shelves, for example, I read Tyndale daily, and I often read Everett Fox’s Five Books of Moses and Robert Alter’s translation, The Book of Psalms.

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Conversations on the mass

N. Ridley

The causes that move me to abstain from the mass, be these:

I. It is done in a strange tongue, which the people doth not understand, contrary to the doctrine of the apostle.

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