Day: October 19, 2009

Who are the Episcopalians?

One of the great features of the Internet is that it lowers the cost of mass distribution of media enough that some very interesting voices get heard who might otherwise not. King of Peace parish is taking advantage of this capability.

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Clergy taking leadership in immigration debate

An article in the Arizona Republic points out that more and more it is the voices of the clergy that are dominating the ethical discussions surrounding comprehensive immigration reform in the United States. And most of those voices are coming from mainline clergy.

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Is God punishing Sydney?

The Archdiocese of Sydney, one of the leading voices of conservative theology within the Anglican Communion, has suffered a huge financial loss in the past year. Peter Jensen, the Archbishop of the Diocese, is now wondering aloud about whether or not this loss constitutes God’s judgement upon them.

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David Bailey elected Canon to the Ordinary for Navajoland

The Episcopal Church in Navajoland has been without a bishop since Bishop MacDonald accepted a call from his position as assisting bishop there to serve the indigenous people of the Anglican Church of Canada. Over the weekend the Rev. Canon David Bailey was named Canon to the Ordinary in this interim period.

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Sydney taken to court over deacons presiding at communion

There’s a new development in the continuing story of the Diocese of Sydney’s decision to allow deacons to “celebrate” the Holy Eucharist as a way of avoiding having to ordain women to the priesthood. According to news reports in Australia a church court has been convened to hear a suit brought against Sydney by other Australian bishops.

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Luke the physician

There is no way for me to speak objectively of St. Luke or of his feast day. I live with a physician, have spent almost 75 percent of my life with him, and plan to spend 100 percent of its remainder with him.

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