Day: October 26, 2009

How Hitchens sees Christians now

Christopher Hitchens, one of the chief critics of any faith in God, has now become enough of a celebrity that he is regularly appearing in Christian churches debating about the existence of God. He says he’s starting to recognize that there’s more variety among Christians that would previously admit.

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The PB on the proper use of salt

The PB preached in Topeka over the weekend. She used “You are the salt of the Earth” as her text. In the sermon she calls on people to use salty language to correct injustice and then warns against what happens when you go too far such as Topeka resident Fred Phelps does with his “hateful” message. UPDATE: sermon available below

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St. George’s Bahgdad damaged in weekend bombings

There were a series of coordinated attacks in Baghdad over the weekend. One of the bombs was exploded very near to St. Georges Anglican Church where Canon Andrew White serves as vicar. White has posted detailing the damage and finding a few blessings in the events.

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Global South rejects Vatican offer

The Global South primates of the Anglican Church have posted a pastoral letter to their respective provinces in reaction to the recent Vatican overture. In short; they reject it believing that the proposed Covenant is a better avenue to pursue.

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Reaction to Vatican overture continues

From NPR: The Vatican made waves last week with a controversial overture to disaffected Anglicans upset over the ordination of gays and women. Under the new plan, entire Anglican congregations could switch their allegiance to Rome, while still keeping their own traditions. Four speakers weigh in.

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A beloved king

In the meantime, the king, during the frequent wars and other trammels of this present life, the invasions of the pagans, and his own daily infirmities of body, continued to carry on the government, and to exercise hunting in all its branches;

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