Day: November 3, 2009

An American in Mecca

A writer from Brooklyn makes the Hajj: On the buses to Mecca, Wessam led us through the ­Talbiya, a chant that signals a pilgrim’s arrival

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About that job…

When you imagine ministry of all the baptized, do you first think of the few hours a week you spend in volunteering for your faith community or attending worship? That’s a trap. But what if you began to see ministry as part of your everyday, even moment-to-moment life?

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Extolling the goodness of God

The praises of God in the mouths of his Saints are not so restrained to their own particular, but that others may both conveniently and fruitfully use them; first, because the mystical communion of all faithful men is such as maketh every one to be interested in those precious blessings which any one of them receiveth at God’s hands;

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