Day: November 10, 2009

Ruth’s last ferry ride

A few days later, Deana and I were at her kitchen table, and Ruth was on the counter in a small brown paper sack. “She would have preferred a Bloomingdale’s bag, ” Deana said. I dutifully recorded the events of Ruth’s life for the obituary, but I knew the real story of her life was not in the dates and names, it was the one that linked a mother’s soul with her daughter’s spirit.

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Clayboy explains the Vatican offer in plain English

We’d just like to point out that you’re not in Holy Orders yet. Yours are absolutely null and void. You – the fake bishop – may allow celibate Anglican priests to train and become real priests in the Catholic Church. You may only allow married men to do so with the Pope’s permission. You should encourage your priests to try to work with the local diocesan priests, who will, quite frankly almost certainly look down on them.

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Hurricane Ida strikes El Salvador

Bishop Barahona considers Ida “the worst natural event of the year to strike El Salvador. It intensifies the social and economic problems with which we live. We pray to God for the life of our families, communities and countries.

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Freedom in Fort Worth

…no longer distracted by church politics or upset by issues such as the blessing of gay unions. [those who left] need not put up with what he sees as a flawed message of “unequivocal love” for all; instead, he can focus on bringing those he believes to be sinners toward repentance.

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Understanding snakeheads

As someone who wears black robes regularly I can tell you I attract all sorts of people to talk with me. The most interesting effect is that the robes become a projection screen of the speaker’s own assumptions. Some approach me and automatically assume that I am a defender of “traditional family values”, others assume that I live an “alternative lifestyle” and thus am a defender of experimentation.

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Managing liberality

It is a great and very precious thing, beloved, in the Lord’s sight, when Christ’s whole people engage together in the same duties, and all ranks and degrees of either sex co-operate with the same intent: when one purpose animates all alike of declining from evil and doing good; when God is glorified in the works of His slaves,

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