Day: November 11, 2009

Welcome to the world Jesse

From our team member and social media guru Helen Mosher via Twitter: Mommy and little baby are doing wonderfully! Welcome to the world Jesse Heath

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Communion briefs

The new Bishop of Stockholm and common Anglican courtesy The Rt. Rev. David Hamid, bishop suffragan of the Church of England Diocese in Europe, blogs

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Armistice Day 2009

A sermon given by the Archbishop of Canterbury in Westminster Abbey on Armistice Day 2009, following the deaths of the last remaining UK veterans of World War One.

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More on the Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality bill

The Monitor is conducting an online poll asking readers, “Some rights activists say the Anti-Homosexuality Bill violates human rights. Should it be passed?” At present of 1996 votes cast, 55.6% voted yes. You can participate.

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Fighting HIV/AIDS in Malawi

One Anglican priest read in the newspaper that there were “10,000 gay people in Malawi.” With a population of 13,000,000, we’d guess that Malawi has more gay people than that. But what we in the U.S. need to hear was where that priest took the news story. “What would Jesus do for those people?” Jesus would listen to them,” he said, “to understand their experience and then find a way to welcome and serve them.”

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The soldier of Christ

At a certain period, when Martin had nothing except his arms and his simple military dress, in the middle of winter, a winter which had shown itself more severe than ordinary, so that the extreme cold was proving fatal to many, he happened to meet at the gate of the city of Amiens a poor man destitute of clothing.

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