Day: November 16, 2009

Plan to replace Brian Prior announced

Bonnie Anderson has announced, in a letter sent to the House of Deputies, how she plans to fill the soon to be vacant office of Vice President of the House of Deputies. Brian Prior, the present Vice President was recently elected a bishop and is no longer eligible to serve.

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Bishop Epting on the Apostolic Constitution

Bishop Chris Epting, the Presiding Bishop’s Deputy for Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations issued a statement in reaction to the Vatican’s creation of a Personal Ordinariate structure for disaffected Anglicans. In short, he sees it as flying in the face of the slow but steady work of traditional ecumenism.

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The resurgent political power of the Roman Catholic bishops

Their strong reactions to programs suggested by the President and Democratic Party controlled Congress have changed the nature of the Health Care reform bill. They are using strategic donations of money from around the country to defeat state based initiatives to recognize same-sex marriages.

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Episcopalians in Space

Dr. Bobby Satcher is one of the crew of today’s planned shuttle launch and a member of St. James’, Houston. This mission of Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS 129) will deliver components for the station’s robotic arm to the International Space Station.

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Bishop Chane on the Christian case for same sex marriages

The Christian understanding of marriage has changed significantly over the past 2000 years. The present discussions about same sex marriage are not therefore unexpected or unprecedented. He also criticizes those who object to legal recognition by claiming that they would be forced to support something they cannot.

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Russian Church ends talks with Germans

The Russian Orthodox Church has decided to end 50 years of dialogue with the Lutheran Church in Germany as a result of the Lutherans electing Margot Käßmann as their leader for the next six years.

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Giving all she had

To these two excellent gifts of prayer and abstinence she joined the gift of mercy. For what could be more compassionate than her heart? Who could be more gentle than she towards the necessitous? Not only would she have given to the poor all that she possessed; but if she could have done so she would have given her very self away.

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