Day: December 1, 2009

Full of Grace: an Advent exhibition

Advent calls us to slow down and recognize the incarnation of God all around us and especially in the coming birth of Christ in our midst. Take time to meditate on one of these offerings by Episcopal artists.

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Afganistan War Artist Arabella Dorman Dorman in her studio in Chelsea, southwest London. She spent a month as an official war artist this autumn, embedded with the

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ABC speaks out on World AIDS Day

The video highlights the plight of expectant mothers who are HIV positive and the support they need to prevent the transmission of HIV to their babies. Also reported is the role of women’s prayer groups in combatting AIDS. UPDATED

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The silence of the shepherds

We also have an Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, a Ugandan himself, who doesn’t mind a bit of publicity now and again, in jumping out of aeroplanes and refusing to wear his white collar until Robert Mugabe leaves office – but when it comes to Uganda and gay people, and that Anglican Church’s intense homophobia, he suddenly has his mouth all zipped up.

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A Little Gidding prayer

Thou hast given us a freedom from all other affairs

that we may without distraction attend Thy service.

That holy gospel which came down from heaven,

with things the angels desire to look into,

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