Day: December 2, 2009

They ordain women, don’t they?

A Catholic church in rural Australia had graciously offered its sanctuary for the ordination service of several undisaffected Anglican ordinands. But when it was learned that some of the ordinands were women, the Vatican stepped in.

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Membership down

ENS: The 2008 parochial reports show overall church membership at 2,225,682 people, with a total average Sunday attendance (ASA) at 747,376. Those totals compare with

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Scientific evidence to guide spending on MDGs

More than ever before, we have the scientific evidence to guide global policy. Practical and rigorously tested interventions exist that can inform policy to reduce poverty and, if massively scaled up, produce tangible and timely progress on the MDGs.

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It’s only a paper lie (okugumaaza)

An independent paper in Uganda, The Daily Monitor, runs an op-ed that says the real purpose of the Anti-Homosexual Bill is divert the public’s attention from the real crimes public corruption and incompetence.

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Winning battles but losing the war?

The weight of opinion, even in parishes staunchly loyal to and supportive of TEC, holds that blessing same-sex relationships, ordaining persons who openly live in committed same-sex relationships, and otherwise fully including everyone regardless of sexuality in the Church’s life will cost TEC members, mission momentum, and resources.

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The good hand of God

In a former journal, I mentioned that Mr. Liggins and myself had determined on making an attempt to establish a new mission station at Tá-Tsong. We made the effort, but failed, as no one was disposed to incur the wrath from the Mandarin for renting us a house.

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