Day: December 7, 2009

Williams’ actions seem a “betrayal”

Colin Coward feels betrayed by the “Dr Rowan Williams’ new-found opposition to gays and lesbians in the ordained ministry of the Anglican Communion.” His interview in the Times today talks about his sense of Williams own inner turmoil.

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Chicago Consultation responds to Archbishop Williams

The Chicago Consultation has released a response to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s reaction to the election of Canon Glasspool as one of the Suffragan bishops of the Diocese of Los Angeles. The statement calls for the Communion to recognize the ministries of gay and lesbian Christians as the only way it can, “in the end”, remain faithful to the Gospel.

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Presiding Bishop’s Christmas Message

“Jesus is already abroad, even in the darkness. The hungry one fed, the street people who have their feet cared for, the humble and honored guest at your dinner table – each one offers a glimpse of that dawn, if you look closely enough.”

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Bishop Beckwith on Marriage Equality

Bishop Mark Beckwith of the Diocese of Newark has an op-ed piece in today’s New Jersey Record in which he calls for the state legislature to vote for the Marriage Equality Initiative making its way through the New Jersey Senate. He emphasizes the need for legal protections for same gender couples and points out that our understanding of the legal construct of matrimony has been changing over the years.

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Greatness of virtue

He here announced greatness, not of body but of soul. Greatness of soul before the Lord is greatness of virtue, and smallness of soul is childhood of virtue. . . . Thus John would be great—not through bodily virtue but through magnanimity.

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