Year: 2010

Managing the lists on December 31st

A list of lists celebrating/bemoaning/lambasting/lamenting the year and the decade. Some deal with the Café’s usual concerns; some don’t. But they all share the common trait of looking over one’s shoulder at a significant moment on the calendar before one looks ahead.

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Give back your tax cut

In the recent tax deal, modest support for middle class Americans was combined with massive tax cuts for the rich. This is unfair: the rich don’t need the help. It is also inefficient: the rich will save rather than spend their tax cuts, so that cutting their taxes yields little stimulus per dollar of deficit. Can citizens adjust their conduct to counteract such wrong policy?

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African pioneer

The person who made the crucial conjunction between the religion of the settlers and the mass of the African people was a Yoruba receptive, Samuel Ajayi Crowther, the foremost churchman of nineteenth-century Africa and a pioneer of the cause in his native Nigeria.

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The Christmas rant is over

The Christmas rant is over again,

we’ve heard about the one true meaning,

not to be confused with holiday happenings

of home and hearth, of kith and kin.

But what if this is a sad division?

And I say it is. May it cease.

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Musing about the KJV

James Naughtie writes, The idea of a new translation was meant to be an instrument for sorting out the wild politics of the Church of

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Assorted links

IHOP v. IHOP, Polygamy and drinking, Tea Party astro-turfed, New Humanist takes on L. Ron Hubbard, biggest return to education starts at birth.

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Does Religion cause healthy behavior?

The survey found that even after controlling for other kinds of demographic and geographic variables, Americans who say that religion is an important part of daily life and that they attend religious services weekly also report having much healthier habits than people who self-identify as moderately religious or nonreligious.

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Dawkins likes the KJV

“It has to be the King James version, of course. Modern translations break the spell as surely as a sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal.” – Richard Dawkins

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Lifting fallen humanity

In many churches in New Orleans I see some face I have met in prison, some one with whom I have pleaded, some one whose pledge I have taken. My work has not stopped here. I have gone to the judge and pleaded for leniency.

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