Day: January 4, 2010

Anglican Constitution is what it seems to be

There have been some questions raised in the blogsphere in the past month about whether or not there is some sort of hidden structure to the Anglican Communion hinted at in some of its documents. The short answer? “No.”

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Westboro Baptist folks picket
in New Hampshire

The folks from Wesboro Baptist traveled to New Hampshire over the weekend to protest against the state’s new same-sex marriage law. They protested at a high school, the city hall in Concord and the offices of the Episcopal Diocese.

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A journey with angels

The flashing red dashboard lights appeared mere miles outside the Beltway, just as they were driving past a gas station. Here two more angels appeared: Asian mechanics who spoke no English fixed a computer glitch and screwed the gas cap on properly. These angels were invited to come along as mechanics for the trip but politely declined – if they understood the invitation at all.

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Habits of piety

He who perseveres to the end shall be saved. Piety must be habitual, not by fits. It must be persevering, because temptations continue all our life, and perseverance alone obtains the crown. Its means are: the presence of God, good reading, prayer, the sacraments, good resolutions often renewed,

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