Day: January 14, 2010

MLK, Jr. on interconnectedness

What would Dr. King have to say about the earthquake in Haiti? Likely, he would have stressed the interconnectedness between people, and the radical call to action on behalf of those who are poor and suffering.

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ABC’s statement on Haiti

The Archbishop of Canterbury has given a message of support to the people of Haiti affected by the devastation caused by Tuesday’s earthquake.

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Where was God in all of this?

Some will see this and all such natural disasters as evidence against the God in whom we trust . . . Others will feel it necessary to defend the righteousness of God.

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Go forth from this world

It wasn’t April and I wasn’t longing to go on a pilgrimage to Canterbury in good company. Instead it was on a cold December day that I went to Canterbury behind the ambulance bearing my father to the Pilgrim’s Hospice where he would spend the last four days of his life. It would be the end of his struggle with cancer.

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