Day: January 16, 2010

Onward Christian athletes

Fans don’t realize how much work goes on behind the scenes by the Christian organizations that minister to athletes and leverage sports to reach the public with their evangelistic message

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Saturday collection 1/16/10

The world’s attention was rightly focused on Haiti this week, but the good work of the Episcopal Church went on quietly in this country as well.

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Repudiating the Doctrine of Discovery

The Doctrine of Discovery was a principle of international law developed in a series of 15th century papal bulls and 16th century charters by European monarchs. It was essentially a racist philosophy that gave white Christian Europeans the green light to go forth and claim the lands and resources of non-Christian peoples and kill or enslave them.

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Extension of the Incarnation

Charles Gore, who was certainly one of the most influential theologians of the time, used the phrase “extension of the Incarnation” in order to express the relationship between the event of the Incarnation and the continuing life of the Church.

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