Day: January 22, 2010

Haiti update

Ten days after the earthquake that struck Haiti, here is a roundup of news from Haiti or about the response.

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A woman bishop for Cuba

The Rev. Griselda Delgado Del Carpio has been appointed as bishop coadjutor of the Episcopal Church of Cuba by the Metropolitan Council of Cuba.

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Back door recognition

The Church Times reports on the campaign by supporters of ACNA for back-door recognition of the breakaway group by the Church of England.

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Work, pray, give

How can most of us comprehend a death toll of 45,000-50,000? My parish has 800 members. My high school had 1600 students. My hometown had roughly 5000 residents. A nearby community has approximately 55,000 citizens. Even after making those comparisons, I struggle to grasp the immensity of the earthquake’s human cost.

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Fortitude of martyrs

Both Prudentius and Augustine of Hippo were unequivocal about the amount of divine help Vincent received from the moment of his speech to the emperor, since the fortitude of martyrs was considered miraculous. Prudentius also enhanced the miraculous quality of Vincent’s remaining constant during his ordeal by vividly describing the tortures, leaving no doubt that they would have been unendurable.

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