Day: January 25, 2010

Don’t look now Rowan, but your people love it in LA

When I moved to LA … religion was incidental to my life. Unless on a turbulent aircraft, indifference beckoned. There were a few childhood memories of Sunday school and sitting in a pew with a children’s Bible. But religion had slipped into cobwebbed disuse as soon as the teen years took over. If I’d stayed in Britain, I’d probably have become another of the lost Christians.

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Child welfare

In this video, Rob Tisinai rebuts the hideous comparison of homosexuality to pedophilia and sheds new light on the kind of bigoted thinking that truly puts children at risk.

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Stress, conflict and why congregations need them

Sometimes the conflict is between values held by different groups. Sometimes it is between professed and lived values. But the answers needed nearly always emerge from a conflict of values. Without the conflict, there can be no answer.

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An early report on the Glasspool consents

In our unofficial, and probably incomplete tally, Canon Mary Glasspool of Maryland has received support from 15 of the 20 dioceses that have voted on whether to consent to her election as suffragan bishop of the Diocese of Los Angeles.

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A teacher for others

Paul shows how he persecuted and how he was made fit for this, for which he calls the high priests to testify and “the cities outside” Jerusalem. [Paul] tells of how he heard the voice of someone saying to him, “It hurts to kick against the goad.”

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