Day: January 28, 2010

Green Canon in SF

As the environmental minister at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral, Ms. Bingham is sought after by more than just Vote Solar.

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Nigerian bishop freed

The Rt. Rev. Peter Imasuen, bishop of the Diocese of Benin, who was kidnapped 5 days ago has been freed. Nigerian news Vanguard reports:

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Portrait of a saint

St. Thomas was a huge heavy bull of a man, fat and slow and quiet; very mild and magnanimous but not very sociable; shy, even apart from the humility of holiness; and abstracted, even apart from his occasional and carefully concealed experiences of trance or ecstasy.

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I saw a shadow cross our daughter’s face as my wife was showing her pictures of the birthing clinic that our young friends Maggie, Andy, and Emily, and the people of eighteen nearby villages just completed in Malawi, Africa. Carrying a baby herself, our daughter sensed how frightening it would be to anticipate labor with no access to emergency maternity help.

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