Day: February 5, 2010

Trucks for Haiti

The Diocese of Virginia has been asked by Episcopal Relief and Development to supply ten small pickup trucks to aid in the distribution of relief supplies.

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A rebel’s rebel

Cast out by men who themselves had been outcasts in their native England, Hutchinson is a classic rebel’s rebel, revealing how quickly outsiders can become authoritarians. The members of the Massachusetts Court removed Anne because her moral certitude was too much like their own. Her views were a mirror for their rigidity.

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The Super Bowl, Groundhog Day and the Feast of the Presentation

Tell the folks in Las Vegas that this is my wager: less than ten professional football players have ever used the words “Super Bowl” and “Feast of the Presentation” in the same sentence. While we’re at it, let’s throw in Groundhog Day. How many people realize that Groundhog Day

is always on the Feast of the Presentation – or “Candlemas,” or the “Purification of the Virgin,” or whatever name our ancient and beautiful church gives to February 2.

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