Day: February 23, 2010

Jesus Freak: Feeding, Healing, Raising the Dead

It’s about bodies — To be a body that actually you didn’t pick. It’s incredibly important for people, and I think the challenge about church is not how to make it more relevant, how to make it more hip, cooler, or how to dispense with it entirely in this sort of über-Protestantizing impulse — “It’s just going to be me and Jesus and we’re going to have a great thing going, without anybody else.”

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Reflections on Executive Council: the union

I appreciate that report [on workers at the Church Center], but it does not dispel my ongoing concern for workers’ rights and human decency, nor does it ameliorate, in my opinion, that communication about the situation was (to say the least) very poorly handled. … will be continuing to monitor the situation and strive to support workers’ rights.

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Haiti: lest we forget

…the medical director at Ochsner Medical Ochsner-West Bank said, the post-storm landscape of the U.S. Gulf Coast pales in comparison with the total devastation in the Haitian capital city of Port-au-Prince and the surrounding region. But Laborde said he recognizes a common element in the aftermath of both disasters. “A hope that springs eternal,” he calls it.

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Do not put off charity

I urge all of you to obey the word of righteousness and to practice all endurance, which you also observed with your own eyes not only in the most fortunate Ignatius, Zosimus, and Rufus, but also in others who lived among you, and in Paul himself and the other apostles. You should be convinced that none of them acted in vain, but in faith and righteousness, and that they are in the place they deserved, with the Lord, with whom they also suffered.

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Doing the theology: Yes, we have

Bishop Pierre Whalon has recently suggested that TEC put the cart in from of the mule by acting with respect to the confirmation and consecration of +Gene Robinson before we had fully formed or voted for a theological rational for such actions. Sadly we cannot change the past, but we might at this time affirm that in the deliberations of GC and the church over the past thirty years we have done that work and then ratified on the floors of the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies.

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