Day: March 2, 2010

Made for Goodness

“I speak to audiences across the world and I often get the same questions. ‘Why are you so joyful?’ ‘How do you keep your faith in people when you see so much injustice, oppression and cruelty?’ ‘What makes you so certain that the world is going to get better?’ ~~Tutu

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Catholic Charities ends benefits for spouses

Employees at Catholic Charities were told Monday that the social services organization is changing its health coverage to avoid offering benefits to same-sex partners of its workers — the latest fallout from a bitter debate between District officials trying to legalize same-sex marriage and the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington.

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The Word became flesh, right here

In a diocese like ours where we are aware of the struggles of the Palestinian people and we know what terrible contradictions roil under the old pious title ‘the Holy Land,’ there are extra motives for making the pilgrimage, with opportunities for expressing solidarity with the wronged and for gaining first hand knowledge as a basis for political action and witness.

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