Day: April 2, 2010

Foot washing on the green

About 100 people came to an ecumenical worship service on the green in New Haven, Connecticut, where people’s feet ceremonially washed and free foot care was offered by local podiatrist and student nurses.

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Beautiful tree

How precious is the gift of the cross!

See, how beautiful it is to behold!

It shows no sign of evil mixed with good, like the tree of old in Eden;

it is all beautiful and comely to see and to taste.

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What God is This? (Re)Connecting Crucifixion, Incarnation, and Creation

In working to correct an imbalance, it seems that now we want little to do with a pained and suffering God; with a God who nurses, shits, and bleeds; with a God who identifies with flesh, blood, and bone definitively. The Nativity, the Incarnation, is reduced to sweet manger scenes and gifts of sweets. The cross is an after thought to the joys of Easter

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