Day: April 14, 2010

Press coverage of the VA property hearings

The day after the presentation of arguments to the Virginia Supreme Court regarding the ownership of church property in the instances when congregations have decided to depart the Episcopal Church, the press coverage has started to appear online.

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Who paid the legal fees in Pittsburgh?

Lionel Deimel has written an analysis of the money spent and portions recovered in the lawsuit that was brought against the departing portion in the Diocese of Pittsburgh by Calvary Church, Shadyside on behalf of those who remained. Turns out that the a large portion of the costs were born by the people of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, not the larger Episcopal Church.

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Confronting sexual abuse in the Episcopal Church

In the comments on Andrew Sullivan’s blog, stories of quick action following the reporting of abuse have appeared. It is good to hear that our system is working for some people who have suffered at the hands of priests and bishops. I wish it had always been the case but we have our own history of the abuse of power, secrecy, and denial.

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A daughter’s story

After Jim Crow, there were separate cars for colored people and white people. And there were Pullmans, which colored people could ride if they had enough money, but most of us didn’t. Anyway, the Pullman was for interstate travel only, and most Negroes were taking local trains. When Papa [Henry Beard Delany] became a bishop, he occasionally was encouraged by a friendly conductor to take the Pullman instead of the Jim Crow car. But Papa would say no. He would be amiable about it, though.

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