Day: May 24, 2010

Local or global? Where should a bishop’s allegiance lie?

Part of me is annoyed by bishops who forget who elected them, and forget who worked to get them elected. Part of me understands that we elect bishops to function in the wider church, and the broader religious landscape. Putting aside the specifics of Bishop Reaves case, where do you stand on this?

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Complicity is too mild a word

The judgment of the editorialist is, if anything, rather mild. As Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams has not only been complicit in the persecution of gay and lesbian Africans, he has actively abetted the cause of the Anglican Communion’s most virulently bigoted prelates, and twisted the Communion’s moral calculus beyond recognition.

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Memories of Bishop Kemper

He rendered divine service in an ideal manner, with simplicity and feeling. He loved the study of divinity, and made it a practice to read theological works, both the standard Anglican doctors, Hooker, Person, Bull, Barrow, Butler, Waterland, etc., and current treatises as well

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