Day: May 31, 2010

The fallen Bonobo

Presented with evidence that homosexuality occurs naturally among bonobos, an evangelical pastor responds that bonobos were also affected by the Fall.

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Bringing peace to Newark’s streets

Bishop Mark Beckwith of Newark collaborated with a rabbi and an imam on a column in today’s Newark Star-Ledger. They represent the executive team of the Newark Interfaith Coalition for Hope and Peace, which for three years has worked to reduce violence and bring peace to the streets of Newark

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Alberto Cutié is a priest again

On Saturday, after dusting off the same white stole he wore when he knelt before Miami’s Roman Catholic Archbishop 15 years ago to be ordained, he put it back over his shoulders. Padre Alberto is a priest again, this time in the Episcopal church.

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The self-trivializing Anglican Communion

The issues at stake have become so trivial—We are not debating right and wrong, we are debating whether there should be trifling penalties for giving offense to other members of the Communion.—that to engage them at all compromises our moral standing and diminishes our ability to speak credibly on issues of real importance.

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