Day: July 6, 2010

Ugandan gay murder story may be false.

Details are emerging that a story we published yesterday via the Changing Attitude blog in England may have been a scam. The story concerned the alleged murder of a youth worker for Integrity Uganda. We published it, in part, due to a quote in the story from Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, whom we know well enough to know that he wouldn’t make up a murder.

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Church Times questions wisdom of bishops’ decision on Covenant

The records of the recent House of Bishops meeting show that the House agreed not to propose special majorities when it comes to the vote in the General Synod. The decision is surprising, given the impact that the Covenant might have on the Church of England. As so much rests on the vote, a two-thirds majority in the Synod would provide a clearer endorsement. – Church Times

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Monks, movies and futbol

The story centers on a young Tibetan refugee and their misadventures at a monastery/boarding school in exile in India. While undergoing Buddhist training the young boy’s mind is filled with news about the World Cup. He attempts to explain its importance and its appeal to other monks who are confused, bemused, or downright annoyed at his constant conversations about soccer players. This boy’s meditation is constantly on the game.

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Luther on Hus

When I was a divinity student at Erfurt, my hand happened to alight, one day, in the library of the monastery, on a volume of John Huss’s sermons. Having read, on the cover of the work, the words, Sermons of John Huss, I was immediately inflamed with a desire to ascertain, by perusing this book, that had escaped from the flames, and was thus preserved in a public library, what heresies he had disseminated.

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