Day: July 14, 2010

Primate of Nigeria speaks on homosexuality and border crossing

Our church is said to have crossed borders in its pastoral work in the USA. We reject being put in the same category with churches conducting gay ordination and same sex marriage, and the equating of our evangelical initiative (for which we should be commended) with those who are doing things unbiblical. But for the Nigerian initiative and others like her, many of our faithful Anglican American friends who cannot tolerate the unbiblical practices of the Episcopal Church in America could have gone away to other faiths.

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It takes an opposable mind to live the gospel

Roger Martin introduced to business world readers the idea of an “opposable mind.” As a human thumb allows us to pick up stuff, so leaders must hold together the irreconcilable until some new possibility emerges. Others have written about how much Martin’s description sounds like the gospel. Christians have to affirm things in tandem that the world prefers to pull apart. Does any wing of today’s Anglican Communion have an opposable mind?

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The dilemma of euthanasia

I would submit that the worship of biological life can take on a form of idolatry, substituting human existence for something more intimate and divine. ~The Rev. Dr. Michael Attas

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GTS press release:
“Financial Crisis Eased”

The General Theological Seminary has reached agreement in principle with its chief lending institution on terms for a $5.3 million short term loan that will provide working capital for the upcoming school year. “After we complete the very complex sale of the Chelsea units we will be required to retire the $5.3 million short term loan. The remaining proceeds will be used to further reduce the Seminary’s debt,” said the Rev. Lang Lowrey, GTS Interim President.

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ADV motion for rehearing has no merit

Where the Anglican District of Virginia congregations once wanted to be as far away from The Episcopal Church as possible, they now want to play down their association with Church of Nigeria as much as possible. The Episcopal Church is the embraceable you.

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Are women dangerous?

“Marriage has been destabilised because men are being discouraged from giving a lead and women are being discouraged from taking one.” – As seen on Anglican Mainstream

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Men wearing frocks, bishops wearing bras

If God wasn’t so darned busy, she’d doubtless despair. What is it with these men in frocks that they won’t let women wear the ecclesiastical trousers? Heaven knows they spent long enough letting them tiptoe from the kitchen to the pulpit. – Ruth Wishart (Molly Ivins reincarnate?)

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A true Mohegan

From 1765 to 1768, Occom traveled to England as a fundraiser for Moor’s Indian Charity School, an educational experiment designed by the Yale-educated New Light minister Eleazar Wheelock to train Native missionaries. Throughout his tour, Occom was ogled, scrutinized, mocked, misrepresented, interrogated, and exoticized.

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A call to humility in times of conflict

Thomas Merton: “Humility is a virtue, not a neurosis. It sets us free to act virtuously, to serve God and to know Him. Therefore true humility can never really inhibit any really virtuous action, nor can it prevent us from fulfilling ourselves by doing the will of God.”

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