Day: July 29, 2010

Running on empty

What would happen if you planned an elaborate bus tour through 20 cities over the summer in an effort to stop the legalization of gay marriage, and no one showed up?

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Pope unfriends Mary Magdalene

Pope’s book on Jesus ‘edited out’ women: The book, Friends of Jesus, thought to be the first written for children by a pope, came under attack because no mention was made of Mary Magdalene or any other female friends of Jesus. The role of women in the life of Jesus is regarded by scholars as being of increasing significance. (A tip of the hat to Ship of Fools for the headline.)

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Celebrating the Philadelphia 11

On July 29, 1974 eleven women broke the barrier so long in place against the ordination of women to the priesthood of the Anglican Church when they were “irregularly” ordained to the priesthood in Philadelphia

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PB offers webcast

In response to an e-mailed question, “Has the Anglican Communion abandoned us, have we abandoned them?” Jefferts Schori said, “No one has abandoned anyone.”

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Guardian of love

A friend is called a guardian of love or, as some would have it, a guardian of the spirit itself. Since it is fitting that my friend be a guardian of our mutual love or the guardian of my own spirit so as to preserve all its secrets in faithful silence, let him, as far as he can, cure and endure such defects as he may observe in it; let him rejoice with his friend in his joys, and weep with him in his sorrows, and feel as his own all that his friend experiences.

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