Day: August 12, 2010

Religious Freedom at Ground Zero?

. . . while religious pluralism was a founding ideal of the United States implicit in the 1st Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom, Americans historically have edged toward it kicking and screaming

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Ban lifted: Same-sex couples in California may marry

Cheers of “Free to marry!” greeted news Thursday that U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker had declared same-sex couples in California may be married immediately in accordance with the recent ruling of Proposition 8 as unconstitutional. At least for the moment.

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75 years of “Day by Day”

The little booklets get tucked into purses, suit pockets and back pockets. They get taken out when their readers have a quiet moment to spend in prayer. For 75 years the Forward Day By Day booklets have been giving Episcopalians and others a page-a-day way to reflect on their faith.

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Remembering Judy Peabody

Legend has it that we got our first government funding for AIDS research because Judy had lunch with Mrs. Pat Buckley and Mrs. Buckley had lunch with Mrs. Nancy Reagan and Mrs. Reagan put a note on someone’s desk and we got our first $15 million.

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Christian family values (are rotten?)

Many of his followers left behind — abandoned — their families to become His followers. Children left behind parents (James and John), and fathers left behind spouses and children (Peter). They believed that their world was in its last days, and that the business of raising new generations didn’t matter much.

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Before her time

Nightingale’s ideas might have more appeal now in the third millennium than in her own day. Certainly her most holistic approach to health care and emphasis on environmental factors and nutrition are popular now. Her highly positive conceptualization of human life will resonate with the present age, where it offended the dour hellfire and damnation adherents of her own. Her unorthodox religious views would offend few people now while her spirituality, nourished from diverse sources and not tied to any one religious institution, would attract rather than appear heretical. The fact that she gave up church attendance

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