Day: August 24, 2010

Why is anti-gay school accredited by SW Episcopal Schools Associate?

This arrangement was made to give the school time to secure other accreditation, a process than can take up to two years. SWAES did this because the association wanted to deal compassionately with faculty and students caught up in the aftermath of the 2008 decision of individuals to leave The Episcopal Church.

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Creating new frameworks for parish ministry

Nuclear families—with housewives who could offer abundant volunteer labor to a church—no longer characterize the demographics that define congregational reality today. But Merritt points out that there is cause for hope: “New opportunities, tools, movements, missions, and passions cascade through our wilderness landscape bringing vital ways of organizing faithful communities, communicating prayerful longings, and seeking social justice.”

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An unvaried life

An even, unvaried life is the lot of most men, in spite of occasional troubles or other accidents; and we are apt to despise it, and to get tired of it, and to long to see the world,—or, at all events, we think such a life affords no great opportunity for religious obedience. To rise up, and go through the same duties, and then to rest again, day after day,

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