Day: October 6, 2010

Bishop Glasspool and Glee

Bishop Mary Glasspool visits the Church of the Ascension in Sierra Madre to observe the filming of the Fox series Glee and to discuss the showcasing of sacred space on TV.

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Another letter to Bishop Bennison

The committee members said that Bennison had “managed to ignore or discount the opinions and conclusions of three courts, two Presiding Bishops, the House of Bishops, and untold numbers of lay and clergy in the diocese of Pennsylvania, and now all the witnesses at your trial.”

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RIP RPM Bowden

RPM Bowden, a lifelong Episcopal churchman who served as a deputy to 10 General Conventions and two terms on the church’s Executive Council, died Oct. 5 in Atlanta after an extended illness. He was 80.

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New Bishop of Southwark (England)

The Queen has approved the nomination of the area bishop of Woolwich, the Rt Rev Christopher Chessun, 54, as the new Bishop of Southwark. Mr Chessun, who is also Bishop for Urban Life and Faith, takes up the post following Dr Tom Butler’s retirement earlier this year.

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God’s plan; my plan?

How should constituents interpret statements by politicians who see their campaigns and causes as part of God’s plan? How do you decipher God’s intentions for you?

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Do you desire to be baptized?

When we ask someone that fascinating question, what do we imagine they desire or hope for? And what do we hope, by God’s grace and in God’s name to offer them? Are they looking to be enrolled in a new society? Might it be something even bigger than that?

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Diverse translations

Doubtless, like as all nations in the diversity of speeches may know one God in the unity of faith, and be one in love; even so may divers translations understand one another, and that in the head articles and ground of our most blessed faith, though they use sundry words. Wherefore methink we have great occasion to give thanks unto God, that he hath opened unto his church the gift of interpretation and of printing, and that there are now at this time so many, which with such diligence and faithfulness interpret the scripture,

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