Day: November 6, 2010

Bishop Marshall of Bethlehem writes Dio. of PA in Convention

With the greatest of reluctance I now call, fraternally, on a man I love to resign his office, and I ask you to encourage him to do the same. … It is with enormous reluctance that I state my belief that change in leadership, perhaps on more than one level, is necessary, despite any legalities that may be invoked.

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Like sunlight through an open hand

I learned Abbey Lincoln had died as I was sitting down to write, and all other ideas for this column disappeared like smoke. I was plunged back into the experience of encountering this great African American artist.

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The ideal and the real

For Temple, the incarnation of Christ brings about the realization of the ideal and the real together in history. In the incarnation, the power that creates the world and sustains it enters the world in its own forms of matter and Mind. Because the incarnate one is also the creator, the incarnation is the natural culmination of the very processes of the world itself. So Christianity “is the most avowedly materialist of all the great religions; its own most central saying is: ‘The Word was made flesh,’

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