Day: December 13, 2010

Don’t ask don’t tell: why should it matter what chaplains think?

Writing for Religion Dispatches, Eugene McMullen points out that the Rt. Rev. Timothy Broglio, the Catholic Archbishop for the Armed Forces, has written a column about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell that is not simply poorly reasoned, but confuses the issue by making it seem that chaplains–who have to take orders like any other solider–are somehow privileged decision makers in this debate.

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Vatican bank under investigation: did clergy front for Mafia?

Court documents show that prosecutors say the Vatican Bank deliberately flouted anti-laundering laws “with the aim of hiding the ownership, destination and origin of the capital.” The documents also reveal investigators’ suspicions that clergy may have acted as fronts for corrupt businessmen and Mafia.

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The plight of Iraqi Christians

A new wave of Iraqi Christians has fled to northern Iraq or abroad amid a campaign of violence against them and growing fear that the country’s security forces are unable or, more ominously, unwilling to protect them.

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The church, the family and the individual

As Stanley Hauerwas says, when you meet a church in paroxysms about “the family”, you have met a church which no longer believes in God. What about the Church agonising about its ministry to the individual?

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What to look for when electing a bishop

We all affirm that our bishop must be a leader but what many of us are actually looking for is a chauffeur, someone in the driver’s seat who goes where we tell them to take us. We reasonably look for someone who seems to want what we want with the implication that they will do what we would do in order to achieve it.

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Lessons from church architecture

The truth of the matter is that we can access our treasure, the way of life that we call Christianity, bottled only in earthen vessels. No “Golden Age” ever existed. Medieval Christians and the Reformers created pots whose beauty has waned and whose utility has diminished over time. The necessity to create new earthen vessels with which to try to pass along our treasure to others is ever with us.

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Light once again will live

Sun from the world has gone;

Cold is the night and still.

Night covers all the land;

Listen! the silence rings:

Fled is the light of dawn;

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