Day: December 18, 2010

Altruism claimed to be hard wired into humans

According to new research, it appears that altruism is present in newborn and infant children in an innate way. Infants and toddlers universally will help others in a way that is not seen in other primates. As a child ages the urge to help appears to become more selective – helping those who have previously helped the child – but it is still present in all.

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A Season of Prayer for Sudan

A new animated video detailing the situation in Sudan and the critical nature of the upcoming referendum is available from the Episcopal Church Office of Communication and a newly-released musical composition captures the spirit of the people of the Sudanese Diocese of Renk.

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The boundary walker: Nathan A. Scott, Jr.

Nathan A. Scott, Jr. died, four years ago this December, in Charlottesville, Va. He was one of the most significant Christian commentators on contemporary culture of the second half of the twentieth century and merits a place in the Episcopal Church’s calendar of saints.

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Redemptive humility

O Adonai

O Lord and Ruler of the House of Israel,

Who appearedst unto Moses in a flame of fire in the bush,

and gavest unto him the Law of Sinai:

Come redeem us with a stretched-out arm.

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