2010: top 10 stories
from Episcopal Café

The end of the year is the time to list top 10 news stories, so your Lead team has come to a consensus on what we see as our top 10. We also have the stats for what our readers read and which stories gathered the most comments. What do you think?

Our choices:

1. Haiti: earthquake and aftermath

2. Proposed Anglican Covenant: changing Anglicanism forever

3. Archbishop of Canterbury: General Synod, Mitregate, Ordinariate

4. Seminaries and $$$: changing fortunes

5. Anglicanism going viral: blogs, social media, Nativity 2.0, videos

6. Charles Bennison’s antics vs. Sean Rowe’s pastoral care for victims of sexual abuse

7. Mary Glasspool election and consents and consecration, ABC Pentecost letter

8. Virginia Theological Seminary Chapel fire

9. Court rulings in VA, CA, TX, CO

10. Dan Martins election and consents

Top stories in number of visits according to Google Analytics:

Social nativity

VA Supreme Court ruling

Barbie is ordained

VTS fire


Dan Martins

Rowan, self trivializing, etc




Some stories were covered from several angles, use “search” to find them

Top Daily Episcopalian essays in number of visits

An Open Letter to Anne Rice, Jane Redmont

Blue Christmas, Ann Fontaine

Chastity Now, Richard Helmer

Sanctity, Derek Olsen

Confronting Sexual Abuse, Ann Fontaine

Should the Episcopal Church Go Out of Business, George Clifford

Communion Before Baptism, Donald Schell

Thanksgiving, Jim Naughton

Nullfication, James Mathes

Virgin Mary, Derek Olsen

Why I Go to Church, Ellen Painter Dollar

Persons of the Year:

1. Bishop Christopher Senyonjo

2. Bishop Mary Glasspool

3. Dean Colin Slee

Our favorite bishops to quote: Alan Wilson and Desmond Tutu

Our top blogs to quote: Wounded Bird and Thinking Anglicans

Add your favorites in the comments or on Facebook.

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