Day: January 9, 2011

Sunday Social Hour

This week on Facebook, we asked if you have any end-of-holiday or Epiphany traditions of note. Several responses were around the wise men.

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Religious Leaders who tweet

Father Alberto Cutié is the lone Episcopalian on the list. Who do you think ought to be on a similar list of just Episcopal leaders who “tweet”?

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The healing water of baptism

Once I lay in darkness and in the depths of night and was tossed to and fro in the waves of the turbulent world, uncertain of the correct way to go, ignorant of my true life and a stranger to the light of truth. At that time and on account of the life I then led, it seemed difficult to believe what divine mercy promised for my salvation, namely, that someone could be born again and to a new life by being immersed in the healing water of baptism.

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