Day: January 18, 2011

New language for baptismal rites requested

…That this Synod request the House of Bishops to ask the Liturgical Commission to prepare material to supplement the Common Worship Baptism provision, comprising additional forms of the Decision, the Prayer over the Water and the Commission, expressed in culturally appropriate and accessible language.

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Maintaining your web presence

Dozens of dioceses …failed to renew their domain name registration, and ended up with expensive, professionally-designed sites whose abandoned addresses sent visitors to pornography, online gambling, free iPhone scams, or schemes to acquire (probably non-Anglican) brides from the former Soviet Union.

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Giving lavishly

In the past, I have gotten presents for children from an angel tree, but were the gifts as lavish? Sheepishly, I must answer no. Certainly, I gave nice things, but frankly, I did not put as much thought nor expense in the items I bought. It brings to mind the question: do I give thoughtfully and lavishly?

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Communion without Baptism I

In our polarized church it should come as no surprise that there is a vocal minority who’s for it and advocates it fairly strongly; and there’s an equally vocal minority that is against it. And so the minorities argue a lot with each other. Due to this argument, though, the issue as a whole is coming to the awareness of the broad majority who had never really thought about it.

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First creed

The first and fundamental creed, which must ever constitute the beating heart of every other, is Peter’s answer to his Master’s question, “Who say ye that I am?” It is the confession of his personal faith that the man Jesus of Nazareth is “the Christ, the Son of the living God.” He saw in Him the promised Messiah, the Saviour from sin, and the highest revelation of the infinite Jehovah

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